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Preparatory (Pre-Ballet) Ballet Program

For ages four through eight, our Pre-Ballet program builds your child's confidence, posture, coordination and flexibility, while nurturing a joy of dance. Skills such as cooperation with others and following directions are developed as concentration is increased. The Pre-Ballet Program prepares young dancers (both boys and girls) for the challenges of our Professional Training Program. Click here to learn more about The Studio's Boys Ballet programs...

Course Descriptions (Pre-Ballet Program)

Pre-Ballet - Ages 4 - 6

Pre-Ballet classes nurture your child's interest in dance, while increasing coordination, concentration levels, cooperation, flexibility and ability to follow instructions. Students are given individual attention and guidance. Classes often incorporate Free Dance to give children the opportunity for self-expression, but the building blocks that prepare children for the structure of a ballet class are foremost in the class syllabus.

Primary - Ages 7 - 8

Primary classes build upon the concepts begun in Pre-Ballet. Students are challenged to meet criteria that build coordination, and physical fitness. Attention span is increased, as is spatial awareness and cooperation with others -- all in a fun learning environment. Music plays an important role in learning exercises. The basics of ballet technique are introduced when the class is ready.

Professional Training Program

Professional training for aspiring dancers age eight and up. Dancers begin in Level Ia and move up through the syllabus level by level as skills are mastered. Dancers with previous experience are evaluated for level upon enrollment. Our comprehensive syllabus is based on the Russian Vaganova teaching method, with influences from the Royal Academy of Dancing, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet syllabus, and the Directors' combined vast teaching and performing experience. Students who graduate from The Studio's programs will have been educated as to the skills necessary for a career in the field of professional ballet.

The Professional Program curriculum is set up to encourage students with professional aspirations to take additional classes below their own level each week — free of charge. As each student gains technical prowess, the basics remain ever so important to their steady growth. Serious students in Levels III and up are especially encouraged to take advantage of extra training. We recommend that students in Levels V and VI take three or four classes each week, in addition to their own required curriculum; these classes should be taken en pointe as often as possible.


Summer Programs for All Levels

Summer Programs are offered each year during the summer months of June, July, and/or August. Information is posted each year by springtime, prior to summer start. Click here to visit our Summer Sessions information page.


Course Descriptions (Professional Program) Basic Levels:

Level I - The Level I syllabus encompasses the basics of alignment, coordination of arms and legs, working with music (counting phrases and recognizing different meters), how to be prepared for class, protocol in the studio as it relates to classical ballet training, stretches, strengthening exercises, how to focus on the instructor and the work at hand, as well as the execution combinations of steps that increase memory and understanding as well as physical skills. Level I requires two years of study for a good student with excellent attendance, commitment, and the ability to understand the basic concepts required. Barre and centre work are both practiced.

Level II - The Level II syllabus increases work with one hand on the barre, begins adding head positions with simple exercises and begins to challenge the students further in coordination, strength, alignment, understanding of new concepts, musicality, length of exercises, and retaining corrections from one lesson to the next. Level II students work further on flow between movements and carriage, and demands are placed on them to retain their basic alignment and technical skills as combinations of steps increase in difficulty. Students are introduced to reversing steps and combinations of steps.

Intermediate Levels

Level III - Level III students are challenged further by preparation for pointe work. Boys begin working on men's technique, which differs in its demands from women's technique. Concepts mastered in the formative levels are built upon. A greater range of musicality and physical precision is developed. Emphasis is placed on work ethics. Students become familiar with retrograding combinations of steps and work on increasingly difficult coordination challenges.

Level IV - Level IV girls increase hours of pointe training. Boys increase the amount of male-specific technique training. Further elaboration of exercises with difficult technical demands, musical choices and nuance, presentation, continuity, strength, flexibility and all manner of challenging skills already mastered are at hand in the classroom. Modern Dance training* is introduced. The Level IV syllabus requires work on consecutive turns, multiple pirouettes, and beats in different manners (from two legs to two, from two to one, etc). * Modern Dance training is introduced at Level IVb...

Advanced levels

Level V - Any and all idiosyncrasies of individual alignment or weakness are attended to with great detail and effort. Pointework catches up to work in technique shoes for girls. Boys continue training on tours en l'airs, large jumps, and turns. All students study six days per week, two classes on many days. Further work on everything built in basic and Intermediate levels continues. Students are held to a high standard of work ethic and concentration. * Read more about the Modern Dance training included at these levels...

Level VI - The final touches are added to a strong mastery of classical ballet technique. In Level VI, intellects are challenged to act quicker, bodies are challenged to move slower, faster, and with more aplomb. Phrasing and approach is paramount. Presentation, breath, finish, levels of extension, and technical mastery of all difficult concepts and challenges is nurtured. A great level of detail is encouraged and coached in every student. Graduating students with the work ethic, discipline, and physical attributes required will find themselves ready for a career in dance. Individuals are given advice on auditions and applications for college/university dance programs and/or professional ballet companies uniquely suited to each dancer. * Modern Dance training continues through Level VI...

Teen and Adult Ballet

Always dreamed of dancing? This program is for you. No experience necessary. Our professional staff takes the same care in developing skills in older dancers or students who wish to study on a recreational level. Enjoy learning and perfecting the exacting details of classical ballet technique, including posture, core strength, alignment, flexibility, grace, and coordination in a positive and professional atmosphere. Teens who are interested in pursuing acting, singing, or other forms of dance are encouraged to learn the basics of all dance forms: classical ballet. Start in our beginning class and move into the intermediate/advanced class when you are ready.

Course Descriptions

Beginning Teen-Adult Ballet

The beginning student with little or no experience in ballet training is introduced to the history and concepts of classical ballet. Barre work incorporates learning and mastering ballet alignment, core strength, muscle strength and stamina, flexibility and working with music. Exercises are built upon in center floor work, incorporating coordination and musicality. As students progress, moving combinations include turns and jumps across the floor as well as increasing coordination between arms and legs and eventually head positions.

Intermediate/Advanced Teen-Adult Ballet

The intermediate/advanced classes are appropriate for any student who has reached an intermediate level of study, even if it was many years ago in childhood. Classes progress from barre through stretching and center floor work, challenging and rewarding students with diverse backgrounds in dance. Some students are pre-professionals taking extra classes, some are teens and adults who have studied in our beginning class for a year or more, others are retired dancers or people who studied in their youth. This class builds upon concepts and technique studied in the beginning class, and allows for a range of abilities to develop.

Morning Adult Intermediate Classes with Rebecca Blair

This class meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 to 11:30am.
These classes are for Intermediate level and above.

For more information and to register for this class, contact Rebecca directly at 831 325 8392
or by email: Visit Rebecca's website too for additional details.

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