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Boys Ballet

The Studio offers ballet training classes to boys as well as girls. While ballet is associated with "dance" and the arts, it is a highly physical, athletic pursuit that enhances all other genres of sports a boy may do.

Boys Ballet classes build strength, coordination, flexibility, and have been noted to complement the development of mathematical skills. Boys are guided through our syllabus with the same care as girls: however, male technique ultimately requires more stamina and strength.

Our training builds the skills necessary to master our syllabus with grace and skill and greater coordination, all skills required of most sports as well; many professional athletes have turned to classical ballet training just for this reason. Ballet builds correct breathing with movement and superior core strength. Our boys study alongside girls in classes, but their special needs are addressed by our faculty. They learn how to dance like men from the beginning levels, and when their skills reach an intermediate level, they are given challenges specific to male dancers. They learn partnering skills, which will be necessary for them to forge a career in dance. They learn how to use their larger muscle groups to attain male technique, including jumps and turns specific to their gender.

There are many male-specific roles in all the key ballets, including The Prince in "The Nutcracker," which is produced annually here in Santa Cruz, by Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre. Our male students have played parts in this production year after year, learning theatrical and performance skills along side the athletisim performance ballet demands. Boys have fun being Soldiers, Mice, Ginger Snaps, and participating the Party Scene, wreaking havoc upon the more "prissy young ladies" with their noisy Christmas presents. It's all a lot of fun!

The classical ballet repertoire has no shortage of good parts for male dancers, and we strive to train those great male dancers for those roles!

Come join the athletic challenge of Boys Ballet.

2015 – 2016 Boys Class is offered every Friday:
Fridays at 5:15 - 6:30 p.m. with Robert Kelley.
This class is available for all Boys enrolled in the Professional Program, Levels Ia and up.


Photo of Gabriel Williams, Alumnus on mountain bike, by Keith Sutter