The Studio, School of Classical Ballet, Santa Cruz, CA
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Studio Dress Code, by Levels

Girls wear pink tights and ballet slippers with a baby-blue short-sleeve, scoop-neck leotard. All Pre-Ballet girls must have hair in a bun or swept securely away from the face in a ponytail; short hair may be secured with a headband.

Pre-Ballet ~ Boys
Pre-Ballet boys wear black tights or snug-fitting shorts with white or black ballet slippers and a white T-shirt tucked in
(no logos, printing, or color-blocked shirts).

Primary Ballet
Girls to wear pink tights and ballet slippers with a light pink, short-sleeve, scoop-neck leotard.

Primary Ballet ~ Boys
Same attire as for Pre-Ballet: Boys to wear black tights or bicycle shorts with white or black ballet slippers and a white T-shirt tucked in (no logos, printing, or color-blocked shirts).

Professional Training Program | Beginning Ballet, Levels Ia through VI

Girls/Women to wear ballet pink tights and pink, full-sole leather technique shoes with a solid black leotard of your choice. No color block, mesh inserts, or puff sleeves please.

Hair must be secured neatly in a bun with a hair elastic and a hair-net, or in a French twist.

Additional: Professional Program girls are required to have a black scoop-neck, tank leotard for class photos and for the June Student Demonstration.

Professional Training ~ Boys

Boys wear black tights or shorts with black full-sole leather technique shoes or white full-sole leather technique shoes with white socks and a white T-shirt tucked in, or a white leotard. It is imperative that the instructors can see your legs
and hips clearly — attire must be fitted well enough to visibly see muscle definition and alignment.

Teen-Adult Beginning and Intermediate Classes

Participants may wear any color leotard or tights. Warm-up clothing may be worn.

Technique shoes are required.

Hair to be secured up and away from the face and neck (not necessarily in a bun or French twist).

General Rules

Tights are required to be footed and worn inside the shoe.

Girls tights are to be worn underneath the leotard.

Please sew on all shoe elastics and tuck in drawstrings.

Pointe shoes must be sewn with one elastic per shoe, unless special permission is given by Studio directors.

No jewelry except small post earrings.

Studio Policies
No gum or food in any of the studios.
No running or roughhousing in the building or hallways.
Please do not leave small children unattended.
Bottled water is allowed onsite.
Bring all of your valuables with you into the studio.
Lockers are available for rent, see the Academy Registrar for details..
The Studio office sells snacks and water. We also have a microwave in the office that may be used by our students.

Where to Purchase Required Dancewear
We stock a supply of Pre-Ballet and Primary attire onsite, including lleotards, tights ,and ballet shoes. The rest can be found at the following local retailers:
Aptos Shoes and Apparel
, in Aptos
Santa Cruz Dancewear, in Santa Cruz.

Free-Dress Day for All Levels
The Studio features a FREE DRESS DAY for the first class of each month. Tights and leotards of each student's choice may be worn. Skirts or warm-up clothing is not permitted.

Summer Programs Dress Code
The Summer Programs dress code is different in that girls can wear colored leotards and boys can wear colored T-shirts or a white T-shirt with colored tights.