The Studio, School of Classical Ballet, Santa Cruz, CA
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Modern Dance Training for Levels V and VI | Professional Training Program

In today's multi-facted dance world, it's hard to be a ballet dancer in a ballet company without having to do some or a lot of modern dance. At The Studio, we feel it gives our students an extra, necessary benefit having experience with Modern. Going on to a university dance program as many of our graduates do, they will surely study modern dance and usually Modern is a to-be-expected part of the audition process.

Modern Dance is an evolving and ever-changing art form that continually re-defines itself. Modern dance brings awareness and sensitivity to timing, spacing, movement quality, and the rhythms that express the cultural "now." Its basis in artful movement provides an almost automatic avenue for self-expression and allows the dancer to enjoy movement for the moment, and not necessarily because it looks a particular way or creates a particular visual for an audience. Movements and combinations are adapted to individual students, their age, and abilities. Emphasis in modern dance is placed on the expressive, emotional overtones inherent in dance as art. The physical benefits include stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular development and concentration. The potential benefit to one's development of personal, creative expression is immeasurable.

Our Modern dance program is led by the very talented Lyndsey Goth. For more information on Lyndsey, visit her instructor profile.