The Studio, School of Classical Ballet, Santa Cruz, CA
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Beginning and Intermediate Teen and Adult Classes

Ballet is great exercise, among many other things!

Many of our students are not in it for a career, they just love this unique form of exercise. Our classes are a wonderful
low-impact way of getting in shape. Because of the nature of ballet, each student's ability and level of fitness intuitively adjust to the challenges given in each exercise. For example: the woman with a new hip will have plenty to work on with her Port de Bras (arm carriage) and musicality of movement, alongside the more physically gung-ho student who will find it easy to challenge herself with stamina.

Many of our teen students study ballet with us to improve their grace and agility for other dance forms that they pursue more seriously. Others study with us because they love the music and the quiet control practiced in our classes.

Our teen and adult classes are taught with the same knowledge and care as our professional program classes. Students are encouraged to build skill upon skill, for true enjoyment of this beautiful art form.

Ballet is inherently grueling, yet there is something peaceful and beautiful about the simple exercises at the barre, which build lovely posture and poise, not to mention core strength, stamina, and perseverance. Our classes are well rounded, including strength-building exercises, work on flexibility, exercises designed to develop quick muscle reaction, and many exercises challenge the brain too! The way ballet exercises are compiled along with their blending with music, our classes build both cognitive thinking skills and artistic expression.

Come and try ballet.










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