Install within weeks

Getting Started
TeamStrategy™ software was specifically designed to be highly flexible. This means that with your team's help, it can be installed and running in your environment—and connected to your infrastructure, human resource, and ERP systems—in a few weeks.

Regardless of the complexity of your systems and process, the complete software implementation can be executed very quickly.

TeamStrategy requires no double data entry. It's made to use the data you already have, and to collect more without inconveniencing anyone.

TeamStrategy software can either be installed on your servers behind your firewall, or hosted securely on ours.

Once the software is implemented, we train your team managers and their people. We show them how to get the most from our software and from their efforts.

Training is fast. TeamStrategy templates are easy to adjust to your people, processes, skill types, and resources.

People have found that the TeamStrategy interface is clear, simple, and designed to be useful, because it presents information graphically, and because no information is deeper than 3 clicks down.


Additional Services...
We provide regular upgrades and improvements to TeamStrategy, including feature function additions, interface improvements, and of course, fixes.

Our goal is to constantly build more usefulness into TeamStrategy, so that you and your teams get more out of it.

We'll strategize and build a custom solution so that you get the most from your investment in your people, and our software.

Because your people, processes, and teams change, we offer ongoing consulting services for process redefinition, training, and software function adjustments to meet your business's newest demands and opportunities.



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