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With TeamStrategy™, you can have a clear view of all your people and how they're staffed on your projects. So you see which of your projects are actually progressing—and which need your help.

What It Will Show You... How It Works...
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Why You'll Use It...
You can make better, faster, data driven people decisions with just a few clicks.You will know if you have enough of the right kind of talent working on what you need done. More importantly, it helps make your priorities clear, so peoples' actions are aligned with the company's needs.

TeamStrategy can show your plan for your people, and variations. Every member of every team knows where they fit, and what they will be doing. Everyone can see what they are planned to do, as well as what they accomplished—and how the two compare.

Now you can plan and make changes in your fluid environment—and quickly see how your team responds. All the information is also integrated with your ERP and other systems so you get a useable overview of your business, with all the detail you need to make critical decisions.

TeamStrategy measures what never got measured before, so you get insights into talent and productivity that you never could get before.



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